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Limited Warranty

Grand Craft warrants, for the period of five (5) years to the original purchaser, under normal use, that the boat will be free from defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials. Any defects covered by the warranty caused by faulty workmanship or materials will be repaired free of charge by the Grand Craft factory.

All warranty repairs must be approved by Grand Craft Corporation prior to repair service being performed.

Grand Craft corporation reserves the right to improve its product through changes in design and/or material without being obligated to incorporate such changes in products of prior manufacture. 

Some restrictions apply. See full warranty text for details of coverage and responsibilities of the purchaser.

Customer Service

Your investment in a Grand Craft is the beginning of a long and enjoyable partnership with a company committed to boating excellence. 

You may avail yourself of any number of our customized services; winterization and storage, refinishing or varnishing, repair and restoration or simply prompt attention to the smallest detail. Rest assured you will receive the highest level of customer care from our knowledgeable staff.